Wood Finishing By Hand

While French Polishing is a traditional French method of polishing furniture, Modern Wood Finishing is the application of paint or lacquer using mops (specialist brushes) or by Spray Finishing.

At Acorn, we provide hand-crafted finishing for a wide range of products, including;

Bespoke fitted kitchens
Indoor furniture
Weather-resistant finishes for outdoor furniture
Wood flooring
Staircases and bannisters

Lacquer Hand Finishing

The application of lacquer maintains and highlights the natural beauty of wood whilst reducing the risk of damage to the surface.

When applying lacquer to furniture on-site, the Acorn team will apply self-drying pre-catalyst lacquer using mops. This is to ensure that the quality of the finish will not be affected by a long drying time.

A favourite of our team, lacquer hand finishing on-site shows off the natural beauty and individuality of each individual piece of wood.

French Polishing

French Polishing is the traditional method of the application of shellac to wooden furniture. Consequently, it is expensive and almost exclusively used for antique furniture restoration. This finish is notoriously soft and vulnerable to heating and the elements.

The Acorn French Polishing name derives from this traditional and unique approach to wood finishing and reflects both our roots in antique furniture restoration and our adherence to traditional values.

Paint Hand Finishing

Paint Finishing is the application of paint to wooden surfaces by the use of mops. Hand-painting creates distinctive brushstrokes.

At Acorn, we carefully plan, prepare and apply paint to create the required finish.

Colour matching and paint preparation
Hand finishing
On-site touch-ups