At Acorn, we provide spray finishing for carpenters and our non-trade customers by combining the skills and knowledge of traditional wood finishing with the speed and consistency of modern spray technology.

Colour match to Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Dulux on over 5,000 RAL colours
Cover all paint sheen range from matt to gloss
Apply metal effect to any substrate
Provide on-site touch-ups as required

Inside our specially built spray booths, our expert team apply spray finishes of catalyst lacquer and paint products across a wide range of products, including;

Bespoke fitted kitchens
Indoor furniture
Outdoor furniture, including weather-resistant finishes
Wood flooring

Lacquer Spray Finishing

Lacquer Spray Finishing highlights the natural beauty of wood and reduces the risk of damage to the surface.

A favourite of our team, lacquer finishing is a great combination of traditional and modern techniques; quickly applied and with the ability to show off the natural beauty and individuality of each piece of wood.

All lacquer spray finishes are hand-applied using modern compressed air spray-guns. This gives us the ability to apply smooth finishes and the flexibility to ensure an even coating on tricky corners and edges.

It takes skill and experience to apply lacquer finishes to fine furniture and kitchen units.

Paint Spray Finishing

Paint Spray Finishing results in a clean, smooth gloss or matte look and is a perfect finish for bespoke kitchen unit doors or bedroom furniture frames.

We colour match to Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Dulux on over 5,000 RAL colours and can create any bespoke colour palette required for your furniture or joinery work.

All types of paint react differently depending on the wood or wood substitute used. We carefully prepare the paint before application, in order to understand the catalytic reaction and ensure a quality finish.

Our paint finishes are hand-applied similarly to our lacquer finishes using compressed air and a hand-held modern spray-gun.